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The Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body are a team of volunteers who provide support and guidance to the Senior Leadership Team and Staff and is collectively responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school and for monitoring the schools performance.

The Governing Body has three main roles:

  1. Strategic    The Governing Body sets the general direction of the Infant and Junior School, looking at how they should best develop. This is done by reviewing and agreeing policies, targets & priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims & objectives.
  2. Critical Friend    The Governing Body must work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing the two schools. The Governing Body must feel able to question and challenge, real critical friendship is only achieved where there is trust and mutual respect.
  3. Accountability    A school is a business and its stakeholders are the pupils. The Governing Body must have a professional attitude and use its collective skills to benefit the pupils. It must gather views, ask questions and decide what is best for the schools. The Governing Body is answerable to parents and the wider community.

Governor listing 

Name of governor   Representation  End date  Role
Mrs Aimee Bellwood   Co-opted   6/10/2017  
Mrs Kate Davies        6/10/2017  
Mrs Stephanie Hambridge        26/3/2018  
Mr Garry Jepson       9/2/2020  
Mrs Carol Moody      6/10/2017  
Mrs Debbie Sawyer      6/10/2017  
Mrs Fiona Western      9/10/2017   Chair
Mrs Amanda Mullett   Headteacher      Headteacher
Mr Ianto Davies   Parent   9/2/2020  
Mr Anthony Gahr      10/10/2017  
Miss Mikieyla Hemsley   Staff   6/10/2017  

 The Governing Body always encourages interest from members of our community in finding out more about the work we do.
Please contact Fiona Western, Chair of Governors