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Curriculum policy

From September 2014 there is an expectation from the DfE for all mainstream primary schools to deliver the new National Curriculum. We have therefore adapted our School curriculum accordingly to ensure that we meet the current aims and statutory requirements.

The National Curriculum comprises of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE) and Computing. The teaching of Religious Education is statutory in all schools. It is taught as a subject outside the National Curriculum but following the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus.

Our core value is ‘Learn and Succeed Together for the Journey Ahead’. We aim to make our school a happy place where we all learn for life, grow together and work hard to achieve our personal best, in an environment where every person matters. Our curriculum:

  • is inclusive, so that every child can make progress
  • reflects children’s interests and their world, to make learning meaningful and purposeful
  • is broad and balanced, to develop children’s creativity

 Our Early Years curriculum is directed by the guidance provided in the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. The short presentation below provides details about the framework and how it is translated into our everyday classroom practice.

PDF icon Foundation Stage at Wildground Infants

Our curriculum is underpinned by core learning values:

Teamwork – our Magnificent Meerkats develop the skills need to work effectively and collaboratively as a team

Problem Solving – Buzz Lightyear supports the children in acquiring the necessary skills and strategies to solve problems

Resilience – Super Hero Tortoise encourages the children to persevere despite adversity and challenge

Independence – Mila, the Tiger, works with our children to help them try learning experiences on their own

Our curriculum is driven by the outdoor environment as we believe in providing first hand memorable experiences for our children. We aim to promote cultural experiences across the curriculum and celebrate diversity. We are committed to the principles of the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child. Community is an integral part of all our curriculum planning as we work closely to enable partnership. Across the school the curriculum is supported by a strength in understanding of speech and language.