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Silver Bells

Last year as part of Year One’s Topic ‘Where I Live’ Miss Cooley organised a link connection to a school in Kenya called Silver Bells. They share with us information about their local area and culture. In return, we send media to them informing them of children in our local area. We have been visited by Katie who lived in Kenya and now volunteers in Silver Bells school. She informed us of daily life in Kenya. What began as a year 1 initiative has been embraced by the whole school and there have been a number of fundraising activities.  


In April Miss Cooley held a sponsored fun run to raise money for our 'link' school Silver Bells. Our target was to raise £850 for a new kitchen, but we raised a staggering £1609.92. Combined with the money raised from an earlier cake sale and we have a total of £1756.45.

" This is amazing, amazing, amazing. I knew you would get more than your target but that has made my day. I can't control my tears Lucy." Margaret Daniels

 The money raised will now pay for a new kitchen to be built in Silver Bells School and we have made enough for Margaret to purchase new  tables and utensils for the new room. Your generosity has helped change the lives of these children, so thank you.

In the summer Margaret from Silver Bells contacted Miss Cooley to let her know that work on the kitchen was already underway  and she had even begun buying some things to stock it. Take a look at the Galleries tab to see a few more photos from Kenya.