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INFANTS - Y1 visit Portchester Castle (19 images)

On April 27th, as part of their topic on Castles, Year 1 visited Portchester Castle. They learned what life would have been like for both royalty and peasants living in the castle.

Created: 8 May 18 11:47 | Last modified: 8 May 18 11:52

Year 2 Fashion Show - April 19th 2018 (11 images)

Year 2 held a fashion show to raise money for our link school, Silver Bells, in Kenya. The children made their own clothes, using scraps from donations of material, and paper mache African masks to show as they strolled down the cat-walk. The show was a huge success with the added bonus of both classes doing an African themed dance.

Created: 30 Apr 18 11:04 | Last modified: 30 Apr 18 12:13

JUNIORS - Y3 visit Butser Ancient Farm (23 images)

On March 22nd Year 3 went on a trip to Butser Farm and got to experience what life was like for an AngloSaxon. They wattled a fence, dug up artefacts, sewed a letter rune and carved a shield into chalk! They looked into a Roman villa and spent time around the fire in the Anglo-Saxon hut learning more about the lives of the Anglo-Saxons.

Created: 28 Mar 18 10:53 | Last modified: 28 Mar 18 11:14

World Book Day - Friday March 9th 2018 (45 images)

Created: 19 Mar 18 13:51 | Last modified: 20 Mar 18 11:25

INFANTS - Y2 Africa Day - Nightingales (21 images)

Monday February 26th. For a few years now we have been supporting our link school, Silver Bells, in Kenya and the Year 2 topic this spring Term is connected with this. As part of their topic ,Kwame, an African drummer, visited and taught the children drumming, dancing and singing. At the end of the day parents were invited in for a show. It was a very exciting day.

Created: 27 Feb 18 09:45 | Last modified: 28 Feb 18 12:25

INFANTS - Y2 Africa Day - Woodpeckers (15 images)

Created: 27 Feb 18 10:10 | Last modified: 28 Feb 18 12:24

INFANTS - Year 2 Twilight Storytelling (12 images)

On Wednesday February 7th 2018 Year 2 held a special storytelling evening. They were joined by story teller Christobel Thomas for a Twilight evening. The children dressed in their favourite pyjamas and brought in a favourite bear and book. They listened to Christobel tell stories using excellent expression and mesmerising changes of voice. They shared hot chocolate and biscuits with siblings and they showed off their wonderful writing skills by sharing their English books with their own retelling of the class text The Tunnel, along with their own original ending. The night was a huge success with many children and parents joining us for the occasion.

Created: 20 Feb 18 11:26 | Last modified: 20 Feb 18 12:29

INFANTS - Year 1 Trip to Singh Sabha Gurdwara (12 images)

On Tuesday February 6th 2018 Year 1 had an amazing time learning about the Sikh religion at the Gurdwara. They particularly enjoyed trying their food and sharing this with their friends.

Created: 20 Feb 18 12:21 | Last modified: 20 Feb 18 12:24

INFANTS - Year 2 RNLI Fundraiser and Trip (30 images)

On Thursday the 19th October the whole of Year 2 took part in a sponsored Fun Run to raise money for the RNLI. They came to school wearing a costume based around the Titanic and Rescue and they ran around the playground a minimum of ten times. Despite the miserable weather the children beamed as they raced, knowing that they had raised an astonishing 440.70. They donated the money during their school trip on Tuesday . Well done Year 2!

Created: 1 Nov 17 10:10 | Last modified: 5 Dec 17 12:06

Juniors - Year 6 SEARCH Museum visit (24 images)

On Friday December 1st year 6 children visited the SEARCH science museum in Gosport. This was part of their topic on Darwin Detectives and they learned a lot by being able to examine the stuffed animals up close.

Created: 5 Dec 17 11:13 | Last modified: 5 Dec 17 11:26

Juniors - Year 6 Lego Mindstorm (14 images)

On November 8th our Year 6 children spent the morning learning to program the lego robots.

Created: 14 Nov 17 15:22 | Last modified: 22 Nov 17 13:29

Federation Sports Day - Friday July 14th (58 images)

Created: 19 Jul 17 16:12 | Last modified: 19 Jul 17 16:38

INFANTS Fun in the Foundation Stage (Summer Term 2017) (93 images)

Here are some photos of the fun learning going on in the Robins and Thrushes classes over the summer term.

Created: 27 Jun 17 11:56 | Last modified: 3 Jul 17 16:26

JUNIORS - Year 3 visit The Living Rainforest (24 images)

On Thursday July 29th the year 3 children visited the Living Rainforest near Newbury. This supports the work they are doing in class on Rainforests and Endangered Species. You have to look closely at some of the photos in order to spot any creatures.

Created: 3 Jul 17 14:31 | Last modified: 3 Jul 17 14:43

INFANTS - Year 2 Marwell Zoo Trip (53 images)

On Monday June 26th, as part to their topic on Wildlife Wonders, Year 2 set off to Marwell Zoo. It was a lovely sunny day and the children and animals were interested in seeing each other. Take a look at the photos to see the contrast in the human species at the beginning and end of the day!

Created: 27 Jun 17 09:58 | Last modified: 27 Jun 17 10:25

Fire Brigade Visit - Year 1 (24 images)

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from the Fire Brigade. The children learned how to stay safe - Get out, Stay out, call 999- and learned about how difficult it would have been for firefighters to put out the Fire of London in 1666. The highlight of the day was driving the engine and of course, being sprayed with a hose!

Created: 24 May 17 15:56 | Last modified: 21 Jun 17 14:13

River Study Trip - Year 6 23/5/2017 (20 images)

Our Year 6 children visited the Countryside Education Trust in Beaulieu as part of their topic on 'Water'. They had fun following the journey of a river from source to mouth and fishing for pond life.

Created: 24 May 17 15:00 | Last modified: 24 May 17 15:26

Year 1 share their learning about castles (25 images)

Created: 23 May 17 11:18 | Last modified: 24 May 17 13:22

SATS Fun - Year 6 Friday May 12th 2017 (37 images)

As a treat for working so hard during SATs week and the run up to it Year 6 visited the ice cream parlour in Dibden Purlieu and had an inflatable slide on the school field. Take a look at the photos to see some happy faces.

Created: 16 May 17 09:42 | Last modified: 16 May 17 09:55

JUNIORS - Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm Trip (39 images)

Created: 28 Mar 17 11:37 | Last modified: 29 Mar 17 14:27

INFANTS - Year 2 Furzey Gardens Trip (27 images)

Created: 29 Mar 17 11:55 | Last modified: 29 Mar 17 12:24

JUNIORS - Year 4 Testwood Lakes Trip (31 images)

As part of their Stone and Iron Age topic White Rhinos and Snow Leopards went on a trip to Testwood Lakes on March 7th and 8th. They learnt how to hunt for deer, find firewood, create a fence and how to use a spindle to create individual strands of wool.

Created: 21 Mar 17 12:06 | Last modified: 28 Mar 17 10:32

INFANTS - Author visits Year 1 and 2 (28 images)

On Wednesday March 8th we were visited by the author Petr Horacek. We were joined by children from a couple of other local schools and everyone sat enthralled as he told us how he began writing books and how he got his ideas. He demonstrated how he did his illustrations and liked to mix colours. He also read from several of his books and stayed to sign copies. Now we have lots of children wanting to become authors because it seems to be such a 'fun job'.

Created: 8 Mar 17 16:39 | Last modified: 21 Mar 17 10:04

INFANTS - African Fashion Show for Silver Bells Year 2 (31 images)

Year 2 worked extremely hard last term on their project of Kenya and Silver Bells. They decided they wanted to support Silver Bells by raising funds through holding a fashion show. The children asked for donations of material which allowed them to design and make their own outfits for the show. Some children perfected an African dance and all children made an African mask, painting them in bright colours. The afternoon of the fashion show was a huge success. The children announced the models, spoke about the outfits, modelled them on a cat walk, danced to African music and showed off their masks. It was a great end to a great topic!

Created: 7 Mar 17 11:25 | Last modified: 7 Mar 17 12:05

INFANTS - Year R Marwell Zoo Trip (14 images)

Created: 13 Feb 17 13:35 | Last modified: 7 Mar 17 11:09

Silver Bells Kitchen (7 images)

The money raised from our Fun Run has already been put to good use at the Silver Bells School in Kenya. Pastor John and his helpers are doing the building themselves as can be seen in the photos. The other photos show the ladies who run the school and the very welcome gifts that a little of our money has provided for them. They were overjoyed with the gifts of detergent, cooking oil and salt.

Created: 3 Jun 15 10:11 | Last modified: 3 Jun 15 15:50