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 PDF icon  Wildground Federation Charging Policy

Whilst the schools recognise that off site visits are a great way to broaden the educational experiences of children in our care, we also acknowledge that some families will experience financial difficulties and are not always able to pay the suggested costs for trips.  The cost indicated on the letter for any trip is stated as a donation, yet parents must be aware that the school itself is not in the position, financially, to pay for all children to take part in each trip throughout the course of an academic year.

Whilst the school makes every effort to ensure that the cost of the trip is accurate, the school is in no way allowed to make any profit from organised visits.  Therefore, if there are an excess of funds, these will be carried over to another educational visit for the children or will be spent to provide resources which will benefit the children in the year group.

To learn if your child(ren) is eligible to receive free school meals, please contact the school office or check online using the link below.

Web icon Free School Meal Eligibility

The school will make charges for trips or to cover the cost of visitors in school who make charges for the work completed with the children.  When supporting charities in the form of a non-uniform day, a suggested amount is publicised but children can donate whatever can be afforded at the time. 

Non-subsidised Charges

Wildground Junior School will not cover the cost of music,drama or sports tuition run by outside organisations.  

Should any clarifcation on charges made by the school be required, please contact the school office.