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Snow and Ice Plan

A decision to close school is never taken lightly and is always made with the safety and welfare of our children, staff and families in mind. Many factors influence a decision about whether to remain open or to close and only when all factors have been taken into account will a decision be made.
If snow falls over night:
Please check     for emergency school closures and be patient with the system while any updates are made. Listen to the local radio station although bear in mind they often cannot share all school closures and will refer you to the website. We will endeavour to notify you in a variety of ways where it is safe and possible to do so: an update on the infant Facebook page, an update on the home page of our federation website, signage outside school, a message on the school answerphone and a text sent to you. (Please make sure we always have your current phone number or you won’t get any message.) During the day updates will be made to notify you of what will happen the following day using the same means as above.
If snow falls during the day:
You will be contacted, using the phone number we hold on your contact details, if the decision is made to close school. Please collect your child from school soon as you are able to safely do so. We ask that you go to reception to collect your child as this will be the cleared route into and out of school. Look at , the federation website and the infant Facebook page and check the recorded message on the school answerphone for any further updates.