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Pupil Voice 

In the Wildground Federation we believe that the involvement of our children is important in our drive to continually improve our learning environment and school community. Pupil voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them. This may be done through questionnaires, pupil interviews and even via the wishing tree.

There is now a School Council operating across the federation with representatives from each class from Year R to Year 6. School councils can help children to

  • feel that their school responds to their needs
  • have the opportunity to let the grown-ups know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them
  • have a say about decisions and play an active role in making their school a better place
  • develop life skills through participating
The Junior School Council has been in operation for a number of years and has resulted in such things as the establishment of trees and benches in the playground, the setting up of a healthy tuck shop at breaktimes and the refurbishment of the school toilets. The Infant School Council was set up in December 2014 and ran along similar lines. The topics being raised and dealt with are passed on to the rest of the school during assembly time and the children involved help to do this too. The members are elected annually by the pupils and each class has two representatives. 

Take a minute to read the Minutes of the Meetings and you will get a fabulous perspective of school life through the eyes of the children.


                 Infant Council board                     


Meeting Minutes

PDF icon Meeting held January 27th 2017

PDF icon Meeting held December 16th 2016

PDF icon Meeting held June 17th 2016

PDF icon Meeting held May 21st 2016

PDF icon Meeting held  March 17th 2016

PDF icon Meeting held February 26th 2016

PDF icon Meeting held January 29th 2016

 School Council Elections took place on Friday 6th October. Hustings took place in individual classrooms and then children voted for their class representative. Elections were held in the junior school hall using a proper ballot box and booths. We look forward to seeing what plans our new school council will come up with in the year ahead.