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School Staff

Here at Wildground Junior School, we have a dedicated team of friendly staff fully committed in ensuring your child receives the best possible educational experience. (in process of being amended)

Junior Teaching Staff

Mrs. Amanda Mullett -  Executive Head Teacher,

Mrs. Lisa Taylor - Head of School

Miss Mikieyla Hemsley - Year 6 Teacher Fossas, English Leader, Snr Leadership Team

Mrs. Vivian Hall - Year 6 Teacher Gazelles, Geography Leader

Mr. Daren Leftwich, Year 5 Teacher Cheetahs

Miss Sophie Gaunt - Year 5 Teacher Tamarins, ICT Leader

Miss Natasha Burke - Year 4 Teacher Snow Leopards

Mrs Claire Lawrie - Year 4 Teacher White Rhinos

Mrs Julia Stevens - Year 3 Teacher Giraffes

Mrs Emma Blewitt - Year 3 Teacher Red Pandas

Mrs. Anne Dibben - Science Leader, SENCo and Snr Leadership Team

Miss Jenny Everett - PPA Cover, Music Leader

Junior Support Staff

Mrs. Angie Drodge - Y6 Teaching assistant Fossas 

Ms Naomi Addleton - Y6 Teaching assistant Gazelles

Ms Vicky Smith - Y5 Teaching assistant Tamarins

Mrs. Annette Drew - Y4 Teaching assistant Snow Leopards

Ms Nicola Wallis - Y4 Teaching assistant Snow Leopards

Miss Carthie Nijjer -Y4 Teaching assistant White Rhinos

Mrs Melanie Venables - Y4 Teaching assistant White Rhinos

Mrs. Natalie Kingdon - Y3 Teaching assistant Red Pandas/Librarian

Ms. Kirstin Bullivant-Hole - Y3 Teaching assistant Giraffes

Mrs. Alison Thatcher - Teaching assistant 

Mrs. Cyrilyn Scott - Business Manager

Mrs. Julie Dawson - Admin Officer

Ms Louisa House - Admin Assistant

Mr Peter Borley - Site Manager

Mr Tim Bodiam - Asst Site Manager

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Natalie Kingdon

Mrs. Melanie Venables

Mrs. Jelena Evans

Mrs. Amanda Wort

Ms Karen Webber

Ms Annette Drew

Ms Lorraine Burke

Ms Vicky Smith

Ms Naomi Addleton

Ms Nicky Wallis

Ms Michelle Bryant

Infant Teaching Staff

Mrs. Amanda Mullett - Executive Headteacher

Mrs. Deb Summers - Head of School

Miss Amelia Blake - Year 2 Woodpeckers Teacher

Miss Lucy Cooley - Year 2 Nightingales Teacher, PE Leader

Mrs Carol Ransom - Year 2 Support Teacher (part-time)

Mr William Burns - Year 2 Support Teacher (part-time)

Miss Jenny Everett - Year 1 Blackbirds Teacher

Mrs Gill Jones - Year 1 Kingfishers Teacher (part -time)

Mrs.Clare Workman  - Year 1 Kingfishers Teacher (part-time) 

Miss Molly Weeks - Year R Robins Teacher being covered by Ms Amy Reeves

Mrs. Stephanie Hambridge - Year R Thrushes Teacher, Senior Leadership being covered by Mrs Sam Read

Mrs. Sam Read - Early Learning Group Teacher, SENCo, Senior Leadership

Mrs Jo Fitzgerald - ELG Teacher cover

Infant Support Staff

Mrs. Jackie Drummond - Year 2 Teaching Assistant Nightingales 

Mrs. Michelle Goodman - Year 2 Teaching Assistant Woodpeckers 

Mrs. Janice Robinson - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Lorraine Dixon - Year 2 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Anne Brombley - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Karen Garvie - Year 1 Teaching Assistant Kingfishers

Mrs. Sarah Dennett - Year 1 Teaching Assistant Blackbirds

Ms Liz Phillips  - Teaching Assistant Foundation Stage

Mrs. Vicky Martin - Teaching Assistant Foundation Stage

Mrs. Sharon Hibberd - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Cathy Owen - Early Learning Group Teaching Assistant

Miss Jasmine Hannah - Early Learning Group Teaching Assistant

Mrs Carol Brombley - Early Learning Group Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Carole Jarvis - Teaching Assistant, ELSA

Mrs. Jane Bowden - IT and Library Assistant

Mrs. Bridgette Lloyd - Senior Admin Assistant

Ms Louisa House - Admin Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Natalie Kingdon

Ms Karen Webber

Mrs. Karen Garvie

Mrs. Gemma Stevens

Ms. Jasmine Hannah

Mrs. Carol Brombley

Mrs. Paula Wingrove

Ms Adrienne Parfitt

Ms Emma Lawlor

Mrs Vicky Martin