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WJS Library

Recently redeveloped, children and staff at Wildground Junior can enjoy reading one of the hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books available in comfortable surroundings.  The library also boasts a research station which allows four users to complete online research for a class based piece of work or for a homework activity.

Parents are welcome to join their children in selecting books to read at home and can do so before the start of the school day or at the end of school (an ideal opportunity if it's wet and windy outside!)  Children are actively encouraged to read daily and the school promotes this through the Reading Challenge which aims to encourage children to read at home with parents, with the possibility of winning a book voucher, it is hoped that the uptake of children choosing to read at home will increase over time.

The promotion of reading has also been made possible in school with a successful 'Winter Warmer' reading event hosted with the support of the Hampshire School Library Service. Parents were invited in to read with their child, whilst enjoying a cup of hot chocolate! It is hoped a similar event can be held later in the school year.

The school librarian, Mrs. Kingdon, has worked tirelessly to ensure the library is a welcoming environment, stocked with up-to-date titles and displays to support topic based work in school.  Book fairs are organised by Mrs. Kingdon regularly with proceeds ensuring new books make their way into the library for all to enjoy.