School Name

Wildground Federation

Learn and succeed together for the journey ahead

School Name

Wildground Federation

Infant Staff


Head of School   

Designated Safeguarding Lead             

Mrs Deb Summers                          
Early Years  
Tigers TeacherMiss Harriet Callaghan         
Teaching AssistantMrs Cathy Owen 
Monkeys Teacher Miss Celine Petty



Teaching AssistantMrs Sarah Dennett      
Year 1  
Penguins TeacherMrs Amy Line
Teaching AssistantsMrs Christine Dumigan
 Mrs Karen Garvie 
Wallabies TeacherMiss Laura Arnold
Teaching AssistantsMs Jade Channell
 Mrs Karen Garvie 
Year 2  
Lemurs TeachersMiss Amelia Blake            
Teaching AssistantsMrs Jackie Drummond 
Marmosets TeacherMiss Emilie Latter



Teaching AssistantMrs Christina Johnson 
Early Learning Group (Owls)  

Teacher in charge / SENCo

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs Sam Read      
Support StaffMrs Cathy Owen      
 Mrs Carol Brombley      
 Mrs Lisa Wheeler-Osman
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Senior SupervisorMrs Karen Webber         
 Mrs Paula Wingrove 
 Mrs Kerry Cooper
 Ms Jane Kerr
 Ms Jennie Jordan
 Mrs Lisa Marchment  
 Mrs Marika Johnson