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World Religion Day - 2020


Ni hao 你好 (Hello)

In celebration of World Religion Day, Year 1 learnt all about Chinese Buddhism.

We started the day by exploring the country of China and uncovered its culture, traditions and festivals. We the practiced writing the numbers 1 to 10 in Mandarin before trying our hand at traditional Chinese dancing.


We then began looking into story of Buddha and reflected on how we can try and follow some of his teachings. We decided that – like Buddha – We will be thoughtful and kind to those around us and try to find our own enlightenment by helping others.

We then had a go at meditating to gentle, erhu music as a way for us to clear our thoughts before lunch.

In the afternoon, we created traditional Chinese lanterns in preparation for the Chinese lantern parade and learnt all about the story behind this annual festival. We also made Chinese dragons from junk modelling and Buddhist temples using a variety of different construction materials.

We had a fantastic day learning the customs of a different culture and cannot wait to start exploring more of Asian culture through our Geography topic later this term.

A big thank you to all the parents who came in during the afternoon to help celebrate with us. The children loved having you in and cannot wait to have you all back.

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Dentist Visit


On Wednesday the 23rd January 2020 the dentist came to visit. The children learnt all about how to clean their teeth, sugar contents in foods and oral hygiene. They all took part in an activity chewing a disclosing tablet to see where there was plaque. All the children were very enthusiastic and couldn't stop talking about what they had learnt. 

The children said: 

"Look at my tongue it is still purple. I have brushed all the plaque off my teeth now." said Charlie 

"I can't believe beans have the same amount of sugar in them than a can of coke." said Rebecca 

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