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Wildground Federation

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Wildground Infant School


Welcome to the Lemurs Class


The class teacher is Miss Blake and the teaching assistant is Mrs Drummond.

Our African Workshop

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On Monday 18th October, we were joined by Kwame for an exciting day of African adventures. The children were totally captivated by Kwame's incredible ability to play a range of instruments, his excellent dance routines and his uplifting story telling. It was amazing to see the children so immersed in learning to play the drums, replicating African dance moves and singing along happily as they played a range of instruments. We have videos to share of their dancing and drumming and look forward to sharing these with you next term!

Investigating Materials

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The Lemurs have fully embraced being scientists. Watch our video above to explore how we completed our own investigations into waterproof, buoyant materials! Our challenge was to create a boat that was waterproof, buoyant and could carry a Lego passenger. The Lemurs were incredible at describing the properties of materials, testing their properties and then designing their own plan for a boat that met the criteria. It was amazing to see their creativity and resilience when creating their boats by accurately following their plan. The children were so proud of their creations and could not wait to test them on the water! As a very reflective class, the Lemurs could confidently share how to improve their boat if unfortunately it did not float this time!

Follow us in our design and technology learning journey...

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The Lemurs class began their design and technology learning by exploring what the word 'healthy' really means. We explored the eat well plate and tried to consider what food we see as healthy and unhealthy by referring to this. Then we set the challenge - to create a healthy smoothie for a passenger on board the Titanic. Please watch the video below to gain a greater insight into the Lemurs amazing D&T learning journey!

The Lemurs are developing great resilience with learning a range of tennis skills.

The Lemurs have loved engaging in outdoor PE lessons now that the sun is shining. They have been learning a range of skills needed to effectively play tennis and have developed a lot of resilience with these. They are excited to put these skills into action and play tennis against one another. Please look out for photos in the near future to show their development!

African Drumming workshop pictures and video from Monday 19th October 2020

Year 2 had an amazing day learning to play the African drums. Kwame told the children some interesting and informative stories about his country, Ghana, as well as answering lots of questions. The children also had the opportunity to learn some African dance moves which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Please enjoy the photos and video below.


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