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Wildground Federation

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Wildground Infant School


Welcome to Monkey's Class.


The Class Teachers are Mrs Workman on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Clarkson Thursdays and Fridays. The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Owen.


What Has Been Going in in Monkeys!


Welcome to the Monkeys Class page! We have had a fun filled and busy start to the summer term, learning lots and working hard. Ourselves, our teachers and all the other grown ups are very proud of the things we have been doing. Here are some examples of some of our truly amazing learning!


Music Time!


We are learning how to play musical instruments! As well as independently exploring them during Plan, Do, Review using our wonderful performance trolley we have been lucky enough to have glockenspiel lessons every Tuesday with Mr. Riddy. We have learnt the names of the notes, how to keep a rhythm and we are now following a set of instructions as we play the notes. Mrs Workman is amazed by how well we are doing! 




Money Money Money!


The number skills in Monkeys are outstanding. In recent weeks the children have really gained a deep understanding about what each number means, talking about and explaining what each number stands for. Ask them about number bonds and the part whole model and they will tell you what they know! Putting this deep knowledge to good use the children have been looking at coins and money. We have been recognising coins, setting up our own shops, adding fruit prices together and working out what coins we can use to match the values of the goods on sale! The children have then taken this knowledge into Plan, Do Review. Look at this amazing, independent coin addition: 


Try These Websites!


You could change the totals to smaller amounts to make this Year R friendly! We love an NRICH investigation in Monkeys!