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Wildground Federation

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Wildground Junior School

Otters & Snow Leopards (SEMH Resourced Provision)

About 'The Otters'


Wildground Resourced Provision caters for pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan for Social, Emotional and Mental Health. It is designed for those children who require a specialist environment within a mainstream school. We enable children to access a full, rich mainstream curriculum in a supportive environment, where there are staff who have relevant specialist expertise and knowledge. 

Our Resourced Provision is called Otters. The Otters consists of 8 places funded from Hampshire Educational Authority. Children with these spaces are allocated through County systems. 

Children normally spend most of his or her time in mainstream classes with friends but will also spend some time in the Resourced Provision to access the additional specialist help and support available there. 



Whilst in the Otters, each child has a daily progress card on which they gain points for learning behaviours, safety and language. These points transfer into time for the child’s end of day reward time.  

Each child also has reflection time and interventions throughout the day to help them with their social, emotional and mental health. 


If you wish to speak to the school SENDCo who is responsible for the Resourced Provision, please contact Miss Everett on 

Please note that whilst we are happy to show you around the Resourced Provision after school, it is the Local Authority that offers children a place and not the school. 

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