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Wildground Federation

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School Name

Wildground Infant School


Welcome to the Wallabies's Class


The class teacher is Miss Arnold and the teaching assistant is Miss Channel.

Spring 2


We had a fantastic half-term learning all about transport. As a part of our D&T topic, we have been exploring how cars move and investigating different moving mechanisms before designing and creating our own to add to our own racing cars for the Wildground Wacky Races! 

Wacky Races

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Here are the Wallabies testing out the cars they designed and created as a part of our D&T topic on Moving Mechanisms.

Wacky Races - Part 2

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Spring 1


The Wallabies have had a fantastically fun half-term exploring the continents of the world! Here is a helpful song to listen to and sing-along with at home to help you learn them all:


They have greatly enjoyed experiencing the different cultures and communities of a range of countries through exciting role-play activities and independent fact-finding missions using the I-pads and wide-range of non-fiction books in our library.


In D&T, we were chefs! We started out by conducting our own research into spring rolls (where they come from, what ingredients they use etc.) before taking part in some taste-testing of different foods and ingredients to decide which we wanted to put into our spring rolls.


With this information in our minds, we went off and designed our products and collected up all our utensils. We also had a discussion about food hygiene and made sure to wash our hands thoroughly with soap.


We developed our cutting and chopping skills when we started preparing our ingredients to go into our rolls. This activity brought us together and encouraged us to work as a team as we all helped each other to hold the knives correctly and slice the ingredients finely into small pieces. Rolling up the filo pastry with all our yummy ingredients inside was the most challenging part! But we were all incredibly resilient and kept on trying until we all managed to succeed and keep our tasty food inside our wraps.


Finally, we reflected on the learning journey we had taken and reviewed our final product. We celebrated all our successes and felt proud at all the skills we have developed before identifying some changes we would make next time to improve on our spring rolls.


Autumn 2

This term, the Wallabies have created their own news program called 'Wallaby Weekly'. They have recorded an episode all about our history topic on the Artic Explorers Roald Amundsen and Sir Edmund Hilary.


They were all incredibly creative and came up with lots of ideas they wanted to include in their news report. They also all recalled tons of facts they had learnt over the course of our topic and were excited to share these on video for everyone to enjoy :)


We are so proud of all the Wallabies for getting involved and showing excellence in their learning.

Here is the Youtube link to our video:

Autumn 1

This term, the Hippos have created an a FANTASTIC Art Gallery as part of our Autumn 1 Topic - All About Me.


We learnt all about self-portraits and explored different ways to sketch and design our faces. We looked at facial proportions and using a face grid to help make our drawings as accurate and detailed as possible.


But then we looked at self-portraits created by Picasso and Modigliani- The features of their self-portraits weren't proportioned at all, they were fascinating! We created our own self-portraits in their styles before reflecting on which style we would like to follow for our final piece - which you can see in our Gallery :) 




You can see our Art Gallery here:


It is also on Tapestry :)