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Wildground Federation

Learn and succeed together for the journey ahead

School Name

Wildground Infant School

Year R

Year R Curriculum 2020-2021

Theme Learning Plan


In Year R we use an approach to planning called PLODS (Possible Lines of Development). We start by taking the interests of the children and then think of a range of possible activities that could take place, linking them to the aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The PLODS evolve and change over time so they are always reflective of the children interests and we add PLODS if new interests emerge. The activities will be set up in the environment to help the children achieve the next step in their learning. Take a look at how the PLODs develop as we go through the year.

Things to Help Us!

All of the children in Monkeys and Tigers know that making mistakes and learning from them is part of how we grow. Its not about getting it wrong but just way of becoming resilient learners Whether it is 'tick and fixing' in phonics or problem solving in maths, not getting it right first time is all part of our learning journey! 


We have been learning about lifecycles in class and at home. Here are some fabulous websites if you would like to learn more!