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Wildground Federation

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Wildground Infant School

Year R

Try these!

Can you move your body into these yoga poses?                                     Can you make these playdough models?



Try these recipes for home made playdough!

Year R Curriculum

Learning at home (for self-isolation)
Home Learning - Week 13 - Week beginning 02.07.20
Home Learning - Week 12 - Week beginning 29.06.20
Home Learning - Week 11 - Week beginning 22.06.20
Home Learning - Week 10 - Week beginning 15.06.20
Home Learning - Week 9 - Week beginning 04.06.20
Home Learning - Week 8 - Week beginning 01.06.20
Home Learning - Week 7 - Week beginning 18.5.20
Home Learning - Week 6 - Week beginning 11.5.20
Home Learning - Week 5 - Week beginning 4.5.20
Home Learning - Week 4 - Week beginning 27.4.20
Home Learning - Week 3 - Week beginning 20.4.20
Home Learning - Week 2 - Week beginning 13.4.20
Useful Websites and Ideas
Wildground Weekly
Please look to your child's Tapestry to share what your child has been learning this week and what you can do to support and challenge at home.


In Year R we use an approach to planning called PLODS (Possible Lines of Development). We start by taking the interests of the children and then think of a range of possible activities that could take place, linking them to the aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The PLODS evolve and change over time so they are always reflective of the children interests and we add PLODS if new interests emerge. The activities will be set up in the environment to help the children achieve the next step in their learning. Take a look at how the PLODs develop as we go through the year.

Longdown Activity Farm Trip!


Robins and Thrushes went to Longdown Activity Farm this week and had an absolutely fantastic time. The children were enthusiastic, engaged, inquisitive and incredibly well behaved. The Longdown Staff praised us on how brilliant the children were and we are very proud of them.


The children got to be farmers for the day which included bottle feeding the calves and kids, feeding the large goats and handling some of the new arrivals at the farm including a 5 day old guinea - pig!


We got to meet Pearl the Shire Horse, some furry alpacas and some miniature donkeys! 


Long at some of our wonderful photos, some were even taken by the children!