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Wildground Federation

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School Name

Wildground Infant School




We offer a range of clubs which run across the academic year. All parents and carers across the infant school are notified of clubs that are available by email with the opportunity to register their child's interest. If a successful, parents and carers will receive confirmation of a place.

Extra-Curricular Clubs


These clubs are run by members of staff across each half term. Clubs available this term include; Food Prep and Cold Cooking, Craft Club, Creative Writing Club, Junk Modelling Club, Colouring Club and Film Club.

External Sports Clubs


These activities run throughout the academic year, choices for the infants include; Multi-Skills Sports-Club and Saints Football provided by Saints Football Club.



Lunchtime Activities


Each lunchtime there are a variety of activities that the children can partake in. Mrs Webber and the lunchtime supervisors are always adding new equipment and games to play. Currently activities include, hoola hoops, traditional playground games, colouring, dressing-up, playdough, building blocks etc.


For children who need extra support at playtimes we have a special play area which is inclusive in its ethos. With high adult to child ratios, it supports children in social situations and children that can exhibit anxiety in large group situations.