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Wildground Federation

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School Name

Wildground Infant School


At Wildground Infant School we provide a range of books and reading material to support our children’s reading development.

We currently use a book band approach to reading with books organised into attainment levels. Books provided through the book bands are from a range of publishers alongside many books written by well known, and respected, authors. Children are able to choose from a selection of books within a particular book band and this is the book they read individually at school and take home to share with parents and carers.


Every class has a book corner with a varied selection of books, comics, newspaper, reading games, story CD’s and oral storytelling resources. Children help select some of the books from the School Library Service mobile library exchange.


Our school library is stocked with a wide selection of non-fiction and fiction books including many quality picture books. We are supported by School Library Service to ensure we choose quality literature that is age and ability appropriate. Children come into the library at least once a week to change and renew their own library book which is a self-chosen book they wish to read regardless of their ability. During the school week children also use the library to support the curriculum in a variety of ways from researching a specific topic to learning about how to use a library search catalogue. Children have the opportunity to select reading as one of their Golden Time choices and we provide lunchtime clubs in the library through a reading club and a story sack club. The library is now open for early morning reading before school from 8.30 - 8.45 am. You are invited to come in and enjoy sharing a book with your child.

We also operate a 'Books with legs' scheme, a book exchange that recycles books from home for others to enjoy.





At break time book boxes go outside to the quiet area. This was requested by the children through Wildground Wishes.


In class children are supported with a range of reading approaches which will vary depending on the age and ability of the child. Children may have individual reading with a class teacher, teaching assistant, lunchtime support assistant or a volunteer from our school community. Children may be part of a guided reading group where they have opportunities to develop their reading together. The curriculum provides numerous opportunities for shared reading as a large group or class. We support our children where needed with specific interventions.