School Name

Wildground Federation

Learn and succeed together for the journey ahead

School Name

Wildground Infant School


Curriculum Intent


At Wildground Federation we provide a quality, thematic and engaging curriculum. Our curriculum develops successful learners through high expectations (no matter what the starting point) and responsible citizens who, in their future lives, will become confident individuals that can effectively contribute to society, the economy and the environment.  This is reflected in our core value, "Learn and Succeed Together for the Journey Ahead."

We plan our curriculum sequentially to enable children to understand the skills and attributes needed to be successful and ensure they are ready for the next stage of learning. 


Our highly inclusive curriculum uses the EYFS and National Curriculum (2014) as a base.

This is enriched using the personal interests of our children, cultures and traditions of our school and local community, and matters of importance or significance local to our school. 


As such, we have considered what makes us unique alongside what we feel are the aspirations for all our children in order for them to be successful in the future world. We enable our children to have the opportunities to learn through a rich, broad and dynamic curriculum, that develops depth of understanding. We have personalised our curriculum for our community through the development of our curriculum drivers. The drivers form the foundations of our curriculum.


Our drivers are:

  • The Arts
  • Inclusion
  • Language
  • Environment
  • Possibilities


Alongside our drivers we teach and  promote our core values of Respect, Excellence, Ambition, Care and Honesty.



Our school is a happy place where every person matters. Where we all learn for life, grow together and

work hard to achieve our personal best.

Curriculum Drivers and Breadth statement

We are incredibly proud of our mastery curriculum and we have developed this over the last few years. Children thrive here and our amazing results reflect the enjoyment children have in their learning. 



Curriculum Planning- Implementation


Our planning adheres to the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 and Living Differences, Hampshire’s agreed syllabus for Religious Education. As the needs and interests of our children change and our school context alters, our curriculum evolves to reflect this.  In our curriculum planning we promote quality teaching, learning and assessment opportunities knowing that the planning:


  • provides explicit and subtle opportunities to promote Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning
  • upholds the British Values of Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of other Faiths
  • meets the needs of all children no matter their starting point
  • provides challenge alongside a deepening and widening of understanding
  • reflects our federation values and policies
  • identifies assessment for learning opportunities
  • provides progression and correct pitch in terms of expectation
  • reflects learning experiences that are memorable and purposeful with a clear outcome
  • makes appropriate links between subjects
  • provides explicit references to s
  • Supporting the ‘Rights of the Child’


Each year group plans a curriculum overview for the year knowing that learning opportunities can change to meet the needs and interests of the children.  The overview gives a broad indication of topics and themes.  Early Years Foundation Stage follows the EYFS Statutory Framework and enables teaching in all Aspects of Learning and promotes all the characteristics of learning. Y1 to Y6 are taught as separate year groups and the planned coverage meets the National Curriculum requirements. Curriculum overviews are available on our school website and further information can be sought by talking to your child’s class teacher.


Medium terms plans are completed by year teams and supported by subject leaders.  English is planned using Hampshire guidance and Maths is planned using Inspire Maths. In English the key objectives are identified for speaking and listening, reading, writing and spelling and grammar, the intended outcome and the learning journey. In maths the key objectives are identified and the learning journey planned from them with a clear intended outcome.  Where relevant and appropriate, Maths and English are taught in context to enable a clear purpose that is engaging and exciting. Science, ICT, foundation subjects are from the National Curriculum, local RE Syllabus and some of the agreed curriculum from the PSHE Association.