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Wildground Federation

Learn and succeed together for the journey ahead

School Name

Wildground Federation


Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

PTFA Registered Charity number 1026881

Your PTFA needs your support.  Please use these online fundraising options during these strange times when we can't hold our usual events.


If you do your Amazon shopping via Amazon Smile, then Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to your chosen charity (which we hope will be the PTFA) at no cost to you.  Shop via or turn on Smile in Settings in the Amazon Shopping App on your phone or tablet.


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The PTFA work with the school, parents and community to raise funds which provide fun activities and extra equipment for the children. They are a registered charity. It is the aim of the PTFA to encourage everyone to get involved in supporting the federation and to use the PTFA funds to make the children's learning experience more fulfilling and exciting.

To do this they hold regular fund-raising events throughout the year, ranging from large scale public events (Fireworks and Christmas and Summer Fayres), to small events for the pupils (wrap rooms and discos). They also run a pub quiz each year just for the grown-ups.

Support for these events has enabled them to help finance some IT provision and fund half of the new uniform that was gifted to the existing pupils this year, in addition to paying for the usual festive gifts and fun for all pupils. The PTFA also provided book bags for all children starting in Year R and leavers t-shirts for the Year 6 pupils.

Regular meetings are held during which they discuss new and interesting ways of raising money, details of up and coming events and also liaise with the school on how funds should be spent. These meetings are open to everyone so please go along. The success of the PTFA would not be possible without the help that they receive from Parents/Carers and the school staff. They would like to encourage anyone who has any ideas or would like to be involved to contact them.


Chairperson: Amy Gahr
Secretary: Becky Dann
Treasurer: Lucy Holder

To contact the PTFA
Facebook group 'Wildground Federation PTFA'

Come and find them on the school playgrounds at drop off and pick up times.
Leave your details at the school office and someone will get back to you.