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Wildground Federation

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School Name

Wildground Federation


Physical Education (PE)


Why do we teach PE? (Intention)

At Wildground Federation we aim to give children the opportunities of a broad range of activities in Physical Education. We believe it is important to prepare the children in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles. We want children to embrace physical activities to build strength, stamina and control. The children participate in high quality PE and sport provision. We strive to inspire our pupils with a positive attitude to learning and opportunities to recognise their own success. PE lessons are planned to be enjoyable, challenging and accessible to all. The children create, observe and justify their skills within a physical education lesson. They also develop team work, resilience, independence, problem solve and reflections within physical education.


How do we teach PE? (Implementation)

At Wildground Federation Physical Education is taught through Continuous Provision with some discrete teaching in EYFS. In KS1 and 2 there are weekly discrete lessons which is informed by our Curriculum Map. Physical Education is delivered by our own scheme of work and Real PE. Every lesson in the scheme has been individually planned so that it can be effectively taught using the infrastructure we have in place at school to meet all the needs. Having discrete teaching lessons means that the children are able to develop depth in their knowledge and skills over the duration of each curriculum area. Within lessons, children will problem solve by investigating different techniques and skills linked to specific areas. All practitioners will demonstrate and model different skills and movements related to a sporting activity. As a school, all teachers teach healthy lifestyles in every life. In physical education lessons children will use a range of equipment linked to the sporting activity and ability.   

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