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Wildground Federation

Learn and succeed together for the journey ahead

School Name

Wildground Federation

Wildground Nursery

Welcome to Wildground Nursery


Wildground Nursery is an excellent Teacher Led Setting within an Outstanding Early Years Provision located at Wildground Infant School in Dibden Purlieu, just outside the village of Hythe in Southampton. The provision is led by Molly Weeks (Ba Hons) an experienced Early Years Teacher supported by early years practitioners. Molly works closely with the strong Early Years Team and SENCO within the infant school.


We are a fully inclusive setting offering a high quality, safe, nurturing environment where children learn through play. We support child development through the use of the foundation stage framework and our partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community. We use Makaton, cued articulation, small group times, language box and many other interventions and strategies to ensure all children are well supported within their development. We aim to build strong foundations for every child to achieve their potential and prepare your child for their continuing educational journey with our federation values "Learn and Succeed Together for the Journey Ahead" at the heart of all activities.


We offer preschool sessions to children from two years old between the hours of 8am and 4pm during term time with flexible start and finish times to accommodate our families childcare needs. Parents can access free government funding, this includes: 2 year funding, 15 hours funding, 30 hours funding and tax-free childcare. No registration fees and deposits required. 


When a child joins Wildground Nursery, they join a family group which consists of a small group of children. Click here to see our family group leaders. 


Click here to find out about the curriculum we are following.

Wildground Nursery Virtual Tour

Here is a video explaining all that Wildground Nursery has to offer.

Our New Garden.

Here is a short video showcasing the expansion of the nursery garden.

We hope this space allows the children here at Wildground Nursery an opportunity to further develop their physical skills and their curiosity of the world around them. We are always looking at continuing to develop this space to allow the children the best opportunities to learn and thrive.

Our New Garden

“Outside is a natural environment for children and there is a freedom associated with the space which cannot be replicated inside. If children feel at home in a particular space it seems natural to teach them in that area; education should not be a burden but an enjoyable experience. Children playing and learning in an outdoor environment appear more active, absorbed, motivated and purposeful, and develop a more positive attitude to learning. The outdoors is the perfect place to learn through movement, which is one of the four vehicles through which children can learn (the others being play, talk and sensory experiences). All of these happen more naturally outside, and so it is important that children have lots of space and opportunities to move in different ways. In a school setting, activities suitable for young children include running, jumping, climbing, digging, crawling through and under things, using tricycles and bicycles as well as playing ball. The current emphasis on provision of good quality outdoor play for children in the Foundation Stage (EYFS) has increased awareness of the learning that takes place when children are physically active. Some of children’s most developed language emerges naturally when they are playing outdoors, and for many children the opportunity to run around being noisy is denied them in other contexts.”


Quoted from Acornhouse School: The importance of outdoor exploratory play in Early Years.

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