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Hythe Library Summer Reading Challenge - PLEASE JOIN

Hythe library summer reading challenge is here and you can see more by following If you follow the link it will tell your child all they need to know.

As always, the challenge supports the reading of children aged 4-11 by encouraging children to read (at least) six books over the summer holidays. Every participating child who signs up online at will receive a medal and a certificate the libraries hope to distribute these rewards through schools in the autumn.

There are more ways than ever for your child to take part this year:

• Sign-up online and read the books they have at home, or borrow eBooks and eAudio books from their digital collection – they have lots of choice – look for our ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ bookshelf

•Sign-up online and use their free Ready Reads, We Select You Collect service to get actual books from the library - for more information check out this page on their website:…/library/ready-reads

• From Monday 6 July make a short visit to your local library, children who can’t sign-up online can get help to sign-up for the Summer Reading Challenge and family groups can visit together to browse and borrow books. For more information on making short visits to the library please visit our website